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Birthdate:May 22
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
LJ ate my previous bio. It was witty. It could make you laugh, make you cry and make you dive towards your add friend button so you could in turn dive into my texty life and accidently snort a few 'and's, 'to's or 'Darn it I have stabbed myself in the head again's

Yep it was just that good. One read of my bio and you would be addicted and wearing the letters off your F5 button while gazing at your friends page.


Or just laughing occasionally at the tales of accidental injuries and other personal disasters with the rest of my friends list. Of course if I have added you it is because I enjoy reading what you write. I read everything on my friends list. You don't necessarily have to add me back but it is always nice to have new readers.

Guide to my lj if you are curious (if I have added you and you want to add back)

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80's music, art, avoiding kitchen cleaning, being content, being petted, being spoiled, bollywood romances, books, c.s.i., cameraphones, cats, cheese, cheesy pop, chocolate, cold case, colourful things, cookies, cooking mojo, crying at bad made-for-tv-movies, diy, doctor who, doing daft things, dorrieing, ducks, edinburgh, eyes, faces, fairytales, family, fighting public transport, fighting with technology, films, flowers, friends, garden gnomes, geeks, glasgow, glitter fights, goldfish memory, good manners, googling, goth, hearts, herbs, house plants, hugs, humour, itunes shuffle, kids toys, laughing, listening, metal, mints, more tea, musicals, napping, old films, old houses, ooh shiny, oscar wilde, paws, pear worrying, people, photography, playing with photoshop, presents, ptd's, purring, reading in the bath, regency romances, rock, scotland, secretly liking boybands, singing in the shower, sparkly jewellery, sparkly stuff, staying up late, talking, tea, texting, the internet, the muppets, trees, walks in the park, weapons grade sarcasm, wild things, wings, zen ruffling
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